Who Am I?

And, why take any advice from me?

This all started in 2014, I had just finished university with a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics where I studied cryptography and integrating mathematics with computer applications.

I knew technology and specifically security had a bright future, as it was a buzzing industry with ransomware attacks in the news. I signed up for the Network Engineering & Security Analysis program and worked at an IT consulting firm while in school.

I spent the next couple years in the place I most enjoy, the trenches. Consulting for various companies where I responded to the most obscure tickets from end users, deployed servers, workstations, patched systems, managed end users, implemented antivirus, configured firewalls, routers, VPN’s – you name it, I did it.

I found myself drinking from a fire hose. When I started, there were many tasks I had no idea where to even start, but persistence prevails and after applying my logical thinking from my math training, I solved problem, after problem, after problem until I finally ‘got it’.

” I found myself drinking from a fire hose “

In 2018, I was hired to work in a Security Operation Center outside of Toronto as a SOC Security Analyst where I found a role as the lead threat hunter, curating threat lists, investigating malware samples, and developing alarm use cases to catch nefarious malware. In this time, I tracked Emotet malware, conducted phishing exercise campaigns, hardened servers, consolidated procedures, worked with vendors to test new solutions, and assisted in SOC2 audits.

Currently, I am pursuing penetration testing by taking taking the Penetration Testing with Kali Linux course from Offensive-Security, with plans to take the exam in the fall. I started this website to keep a track of my career, challenge myself, and to share the things I find with those that would find a use for it.